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I am currently updating my website to reflect recent adjustments to my offerings and approach to client work.

Client sessions, programs and group calls are still running and available - please see the links and options below to get in touch, receive updates, and for session bookings.



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"My experience working with Tim has been magical in some ways. There is definitely a field that I enter into when I’m doing work with Tim. There is greater access to my own capacities and my own realm of palpable living experience of the energetic and bodily realm. My experience with Tim in general has been that he is a present, conscientious individual, that truly cares. The way he works with me feels like I am really being seen; we are meeting in a sacred space and doing so with compassion while enforcing a level of accountability. He really asks me to step forward in a way that feels supportive."

- Collin Lenzi, 34, Somatic Practitioner, PhD Candidate in Depth Psychology and Somatics