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WE START APRIL 17th at 3:00EST

We have a world available to us and interact with daily that most of us can't see. Our greater energetic body, that of others, and the countless vibrations that we interact with on a daily basis are impacting us moment to moment.


You can choose to do so consciously and this is the path of the Energetic Jedi... 

Black Sky

A lot of folks seems to think increasing their personal understanding of their energetic awareness is simply a spiritual kind of thing.

I definitely agree that building this type of self-knowledge definitely leads one to Spiritual insight and, to leave it there would be to miss an entirely different reason of why we do this work.

The fact is, as we know ourselves better, we understand others better, we enhance our understanding of how people are feeling, why they do what they do, why they react as they do, what motivates them and what drives them. In doing so, we begin to see the world differently, more fully.

And, as a consequence, we increase our ability to:

Make more Sales

Hold clients better

Hold groups better

Use our energy better

Feel better

Feel smarter

Understand more

Increase our sense of strength

Increase our sense of Safety

Feel much more confident

Reduce anxiety and worry

Increase interpersonal ynderstanding

Heal old issues with our past

Support ourselves in the present

Become much more kind

Become much more compassionate

Become better lovers

Become better musicians

Become better friends

Become better stewards

Live more

Laugh more

Love more

In a nutshell, knowing ourselves better increases our capacity in every other aspect of life and that can make all the difference in the world.


Want to be more successful at life?

Get clearer in who you are - simple, effective, truth.

And that all starts with the way of the Energetic Jedi



  • Learn how to step into deeper relationship with your entire Energetic Body.

  • Enhance your ability to engage with others without overwhelm.

  • Increase your sense of personal safety.

  • Feel more empowered in who you are.

  • Gain insight into identifying what's yours and what isn't.

  • Learn a myriad of energetic skills to enhance your sense of self in your daily reality.

  • Interact with others with more spaciousness and understanding, especially during difficult times.

  • Learn ways to avoid traditional triggers and upset in your daily life.

  • Step into a space of empowered personal sovereignty.

  • Learn the foundational pieces to stop taking on other people's "stuff".

Image by Ivana Cajina

In this twelve week journey, you will:
~ Discover the next step in your relationship with the world and with yourself

~ Practice and refine discernment of Energetic Boundary

~ Expand your Vibrational Awareness Skills

~ Calm the influences of the outside world

~ Use the resources of energetics to create stability and a solid place for learning and discovering

~ Explore deep, expanded witnessing

A snippet of Tim's Story...

For so many years, I thought the way for me had already been figured out by someone else. So I studied, I listened to leaders talk about their way, I practiced their techniques and approaches, I worked on mindset, recited and repeated daily affirmations and tried to do it like they did.

In some ways it worked - I had a big job and a big house in a sought after zip code. I looked good, I lived a 5% lifestyle, ate well, drank good wine, traveled to trendy places. I spent time working on creating an appearance of what I thought happiness looked like in others, but it wasn’t MY WAY.

I had been listening for years, touching on the voice that knew, but I resisted. I resisted, because I didn’t trust. I didn’t trust that my way was the right way.

In 2014, I finally listened to that voice and left my corporate job. A couple of years later, I listened again and sold almost everything I owned and began an unfolding relationship with listening. I “took a walk”. My walk took me to places all over the world and I, just, listened.

I listened on mountain tops, on river banks, on beaches, in deserts and in jungles. I listened in open fields and I listened in dense forests. 

Eventually that listening brought me back to the US, back to love and back to a purpose that had always been available, but had never been truly accepted by me, because it was mine.

Since returning to The States, I’ve doubled down on what the voice was telling me and started allowing my being to lead and my actions to follow.

I surrendered to THE WAY within me and found that I liked myself more, I loved and appreciated myself more, I truly became friends with me.

In short, it hasn’t been easy….

I have in me a lot of programming and voices that say my authenticity is not part of the solution, my way is not welcome in the world.

And, those voices are not mine!

They are the voices that try to shout down the wisdom that is within me and my ability to listen, to know, to trust that THE WAY KNOWS THE WAY.

And I suspect that if you are reading this, you may have heard those voices too.

If you have a sense of what I’m talking about, if you hear the call in these words, if they echo a knowing that you’ve been avoiding, I’d like to invite you to join a very special group of people who have dedicated themselves to listening and to finding THE WAY within themselves.

This course is  like nothing you’ve ever experienced and it offers a direct path to finding YOUR WAY, to connecting with the part of you that has been waiting for you to ask the question and listen to the answer.


"Our Greatest Strength is to be found in our Subtle Awareness"

This is all possible by developing a relationship with vibrational awareness.

The first step is building a foundation.


Meet Your Yoda...

Tim DeSutter has been studying energetic medicine and the impact that trauma has on vibrational wellness for over 25 years. He is a master-level coach, teacher, and facilitator who brings ancient and modern teachings together in an approachable and digestible format.


His greatest success lies in helping his clients and students transcend limiting beliefs, release the subtle patterns and old ways of being that no longer serve them and transmute the energetic and emotional barriers to personal wellness, leadership and satisfaction.

Through practices that enhance a deeper understanding and relationship with themselves and the world around them, he helps those he works with transform perceived weaknesses into strengths, and alchemize poison into medicine while staying in the power of their integrity and personal sovereignty.

A world traveler, Tim has a global client base and has facilitated workshops around the world. He believes strongly in the power of mind body medicine and the connections between energies, thoughts, emotions, and wellness. 

Energetic Jedi is a culmination of decades of study, practice and experimentation, representing the cornerstones of Tim’s personal and professional practice

Meet Rae Halder
(Assistant Teacher)


Rachel (she/her), commonly know of as Rae, currently lives in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico, the original home of the Tiwa.


She is a writer, thought-leader, coach and guide in the trauma, somatic and embodiment fields. She loves working with coaches, healers and leaders who’ve done all “the work” and yet still sense there are unseen life-degenerating patterns dictating their reality.


Rae is a seasoned practitioner, certified in 10 different healing modalities, with a decade of experience with some of the most advanced trainings around trauma resolution, sexual liberation and collective healing under her belt. She has a unique, mystical, and energetic approach to trauma healing + pleasure, and a deep-rooted sense of the dark feminine path (a path of being and accepting, as opposed to a mental knowing and rejection).


Her work goes far beyond the typical somatic experiencing principles and enters into the nature and energetic or mystical realms of the unseen.

Rae And Tim.jpg


The Energetic Jedi: Level 1 starts on April 17th, with weekly calls for 12 weeks at 3pm on Wednesdays including 3 weeks of integration calls -
replays available.

$1395 pay in full, or sign up for a 3-month payment plan of just $467/month


"I feel safer in myself and safer in the world as a result of this experience. I am really looking forward to practicing the skills I learned, as it truly was forming a foundation for daily living in a fully embodied way."


"I really understand why life was so hard for so long. I know myself in a different way now and I understand a whole lot more about how to keep myself healthy and whole with all that's going on in the world around me."

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