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Space Clearing That Works

A 90-Minute Workshop 

There’s more to space clearing than burning sage and hoping for the best...

Every place and every space contains a unique personality. And, like all personalities, each is motivated by specific desires and contains personalized abilities in and of itself. 

In this workshop we will explore ancient practices of engaging with spaces, and learn to identify, interact and acknowledge energies and disturbances to do space clearing that actually works. 


Space Clearing is my first love. In fact, one of my most favorite things to do in the world is to take a space that has experienced disturbance and help it renew itself, awakening its innate potential to act as a divine shelter for all who live and work there.

During my twenty or so years of working with approaches to Space Clearing, I’ve been lucky enough to study with two primary teachers who had achieved a high level of mastery in this area. Desda Zuckerman, author of Your Sacred Anatomy, and the late Reverend Sandy Hall, a modern shaman with a deep understanding of the ways of natural places. I am deeply grateful to both for their skillful teaching and willingness to pass what they learned on to me.

Along my learning path, I’ve also studied various other approaches and have had many experiences that have led to my overall understanding and have heavily influenced my approach to working with spaces and places.

My workshop, Space Clearing that Works, is an introduction to the essential skills necessary for effective space clearing which brings together the foundations of decades of study. During this pre-recorded 90-minute workshop we explore ancient practices of engaging with spaces, including learning to identify, interact and acknowledge energies and disturbances in our spaces to do space clearing that actually works.

Blessings 🙏🏼❤️

During this workshop we will cover...

  • Acknowledging resonance

  • Identifying disturbance in a space

  • Interacting with the Spirit of a space

  • Identifying unknown energetics (spiritual and/or memories)

  • Releasing Disturbances

  • Filling up the space – adding nourishment to a space

  • Creating ideal spaces wherever you are 

  • Setting intention

  • Tools for an effective Space Clearing

​This is the perfect workshop for home-owners, renters and nomads alike.


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"I feel safer in myself and safer in the world as a result of this experience. I am really looking forward to practicing the skills I learned, as it truly was forming a foundation for daily living in a fully embodied way."


"I really understand why life was so hard for so long. I know myself in a different way now and I understand a whole lot more about how to keep myself healthy and whole with all that's going on in the world around me."

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